Cinema Center Going Digital

Cinema Center going digital soon

Keiara Carr | Journal Gazette

FORT WAYNE – Cinema Center Executive Director Jonah Crismore announced Friday that the downtown art house has received enough donations to buy and install a new digital projector.


In an email to Cinema Center patrons, Crismore said the theater at 437 E. Berry St. will close Aug. 5 for installation of the projector and will reopen Aug. 9.

Since January, the cinema has received public donations and two matching grants totaling up to $25,000 to buy a $50,000 digital projector.

The movie industry has moved from expensive film reels to more digital films. With several of Cinema Center’s distributors going digital this year, the theater needed the projector to keep up.


“With increased accessibility to titles in digital format, Cinema Center will only grow as an asset for the community,” Crismore said in the email.


“There will be less wait time to receive titles, and those titles from truly independent distributors will look just as clear and high quality as those with the resources of a large studio behind them.”

Original article here (Journal Gazette) (Cinema Center Website)



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