New Venue To Debut Atop PNC Tower

PNC building lands caterer

Paul Wyche| The Journal Gazette

FORT WAYNE – Although the name suggests it, this is no rotating restaurant.

Three Sixty will offer gourmet catering and event services beginning in the fall on the 25th and 26th floors of the PNC Bank building at 110 W. Berry St.

Former tenant The Summit Club, which was a members-only formal-dining establishment, went out of business in 2009. Three Sixty is open to individuals, companies, organizations and others planning weddings, receptions, corporate events and similar gatherings.

Husband and wife Jeremy and Renee Miner are ironing out leasing details with Sperry Van Ness but have a partner in Fort Wayne businessman and financial consultant Gary Probst, who declined to comment.

The Indianapolis couple have plenty to say about their new venture, however. The Miners believe the business will impress clients as a cutting-edge, top-notch venue for events.

Investors are spending at least $100,000 on renovations. The two floors total 19,000 square feet, which includes office space.

“We will do it all,” said Renee Miner, a Huntington native. “From décor, branding, marketing and budget creation, we’ll be able to assist wherever needed.”

The Miners’ background is in catering, with a combined 20 years of experience. They have served in various capacities in the industry, including opening high-end restaurants in Indianapolis and Chicago.

Renee Miner said Three Sixty already has holiday parties in the reservations book.

“We had a wedding tour recently and hope to have that as well,” she said.

In 2009, the Summit Club filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, which led to its assets being sold. Paperwork listed debt of more than $303,000 and assets of about $66,500.

Original article here (The Journal Gazette)



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