911 Call Center Receives Funding For Expansion & Upgrades

County Council approves nearly $1 Million for 911 move

Kevin Leininger | News-Sentinel

“The city-county emergency communications office’s move to a new address got a boost Tuesday from Allen County Council – and news that its new phone system will cost far less than expected.

Council approved $950,000 to buy the system and to move the 911 center from the basement of the former City-County Building – now the Rousseau Centre – to the 6th floor. The new digital phone system was expected to cost more than $1 million but will cost about $600,000, center Director Tim Lee told council.

The move is necessary because the center is also upgrading its computer equipment, which will take more room. The 6th floor also contains excess space that could allow the department to expand into a regional communications center later on. Lee said the system cost less than expected because the center coordinates its purchases with other counties.

The $950,000 is from a fund generated by 911 fees paid by telephone customers.”

Original article here (News-Sentinel)



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One Comment on “911 Call Center Receives Funding For Expansion & Upgrades”

  1. Telephone Customer
    February 27, 2013 at 12:16 PM #

    I say give back the $950k to the telephone customers and stay where you are. It seems to be working just fine.

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