DID Retains Interim Director Full Time

DID interim director unanimous choice to stay

Dan Stockmen | The Journal Gazette

FORT WAYNE – The Downtown Improvement District board voted unanimously Tuesday to make interim director Bill Brown’s appointment permanent.

The previous executive director, Rich Davis, resigned June 7 and Brown was appointed interim director. A search committee considered 19 applications and interviewed three candidates, including Brown, before making him a job offer.

Zach Benedict, who headed the search committee, said Brown’s passion for downtown made him the obvious choice.

“He’s been practicing what he’s been preaching for a couple of decades now,” Benedict said.

Brown will be paid $78,500 a year, the same as he made as interim director, but he will not be offered health insurance, because he gets county health insurance as an Allen County Council member. Davis was paid $105,000 annually.

Board member Joe Francis said the route to a new director was difficult but well worth it.

“It feels like a long, drawn-out process,” Francis said. “But let’s not let our exhaustion with the process detract from celebrating the appointment of a great executive director who loves downtown very much.”

Brown, a former county commissioner who also celebrated his 62nd birthday Tuesday, said he most looks forward to the opportunities presented by a reinvigorated downtown.

“It’s an exciting time for downtown. We have momentum,” Brown said.

Original Article (The Journal Gazette)

DID Website (Downtown Improvement District)



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