Neighborhood Supports Parkview Field Adjacent Redevelopment

Neighbors support the city revitalizing their community west of Parkview Field

FORT WAYNE – Neighbors west of Parkview Field consider their community an eyesore. They support the Redevelopment Commission considering a plan to revitalize their community.

The Redevelopment Commission met Monday night and discussed making four acres west of the baseball field the zone to remodel. Rudy Mahara owns a house on West Brackenridge Street, which he’s turning into a business. It will be a wine and chocolate bar where patrons can smoke cigars. He supports the city in its plans to renovate the homes around the community.

“Whether it’s very upscale apartments, or individual condos, or a hotel or shopping, all of that will make this area much better,” he said.

The commission is looking into several options for the community between  Fairfield and Ewing Streets, but nothing has been set in stone. Mahara hopes this will encourage others in the neighborhood to follow the city’s lead and spruce up their properties.

“I do think once the neighborhood improves, other business owners or property owners in this area will fix up their homes,” he said.

Verges Colford is an Ivy Tech student and lives near Parkview Field. He’s from Chicago and is used to a certain type of living downtown.

“You really wouldn’t see buildings like this in our downtown, so I’m glad they’re fixing downtown up,” Colford said.

The city hasn’t put into motion its plan, but updates on this project could be released in March.


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