The Downtown Residential Rundown

The lowdown on the up and coming residences of downtown

I’d like to take a moment today to highlight all of the current progress taking place downtown in the residential market.  We previously posted that the AWB Condos welcomed it’s first residents (less than two weeks ago).  Now we can look forward to many more urbanites joining them in the near future.  It appears we may be on the verge of a bustling downtown residential market.   From rent controlled and luxury apartments to fabulous condos with skyline views.  As I’m focusing on new residences, I wont even go into the fact that these developments will potentially add up to a dozen new retail opportunities. Have we finally become a city where one can chose to live, work and play in an environment without the need of a car?  It looks like we me be a grocery store and pharmacy away from that one, but what do you think?

AWB Condos – Website

The Harrison – Website

Randall Building – Website


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One Comment on “The Downtown Residential Rundown”

  1. Greg
    October 12, 2012 at 1:07 PM #

    Any idea id anything will be done with the Randall building besides adding apartments? Such as exterior renovations?

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