Indana Tech Opens New Dorms

Indiana Tech – Warrior Row Townhouses

New dormitory opens its doors at Indiana Tech

The excitement was visible Sunday on West Washington Street as young adults – some trailed by anxious parents and guardians – carted sacks of household supplies, clothing and favorite keepsakes into their new townhouse dorms at Indiana Tech.

Ehlissa Jenkins, 18, of Richmond, Va., moved into Warrior C with the help of her grandparents, Leonard and Glenda Taylor of Greenville, Ill.

They had never visited Fort Wayne before, but liked what they saw.

“I’m impressed with this campus and the buildings,” said Leonard Taylor. “Ehlissa should do very well here.”

And Grandma was impressed by the friendliness of the people, the many renovations to the neighborhood surrounding the campus and the number of churches she had seen in the downtown area.

With the help of an academic scholarship, Jenkins, a freshman, plans to major in industrial and manufacturing engineering.

“I just love engineering,” the young woman said.

Her mother is a teacher in the Richmond area and her aunt is an electrical engineer, she said, explaining her interest in engineering and education.

Unlike some freshmen, Jenkins has a clear-cut plan.

“I hope to work at Apple or another large engineering company and eventually start my own company,” she said.

On the other end of the dorm parking lot, a harried looking father was busy gathering items from the car.

Brad George of Columbus, Ohio, was helping his daughter Rachel, 19, get settled in her new residence.

Rachel chose Indiana Tech after being awarded a golf scholarship and was excited about attending the new school and being on the Warrior golf team, her father said.

“She found a whole group of new friends in one day,” Brad George said.

Rachel is their youngest. The Georges have already been through the college experience with their son, who attended the Miami University in Ohio.

But that doesn’t mean it’s any easier, which was evident in George’s furrowed brows and fidgeting.

“Moving a girl into college is a whole lot different than moving a boy,” said George, raising his eyebrows meaningfully. “I’ve got to get these things delivered – right now.”

A majority of the students were moved in by early afternoon and looking forward to attending the welcome luau party later that evening.

Today, the school is hosting a “Taste of Fort Wayne” in Scully Square featuring dishes from locally owned restaurants along with trolley tours of the city.

Classes begin Wednesday.

-Journal Gazette

Original article can be found HERE


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