New Athletic Center & 5 New Residence Halls Planned For Indiana Tech (Plus Much More)

Indiana Tech

Rapid Growth On The Near East Side

Moments ago we posted about Indiana Tech’s ambitious ‘Momentum’ campaign which exceeded its original goal by 53%, bringing in a whopping $29M for everything from scholarships to building expansions.  READ ARTICLE HERE  Its now clear that the University plans on adding 5 new residence halls, and a nearby property owner who was feuding with University earlier in the year READ ARTICLE HERE is planning 3 more housing units next door.  The number of total units, or potential student population increase created by this effort is not yet known.

This announcement also mentions renovations of several buildings, and the law school is scheduled for completion sometime next year.  ANy way you look at this, it appears we have another major win for downtown Fort Wayne and the near east side.

Current IT Residence Hall Under Construction

Commission Hears Plans for Student Housing

A battle is brewing on Warrior Row.

The Fort Wayne Plan Commission listened Monday as Richard Kriz II expressed his intentions to build what he hopes will become a four-unit student housing complex on the same grounds Indiana Tech offered to buy.

In January, the plan commission gave the college the go-ahead to build a $4.3 million dormitory on East Washington Boulevard, but buffers, likely trees, were required to provide some privacy for a 7,500-square-foot lot Kriz owns. Indiana Tech offered the landowner $25,000 for his small lot, but he said the college low-balled him.

So, on Monday Kriz and his attorney stood before the commission during its public hearing to discuss a student residence that could feature one- and two-bedroom apartments.

“I don’t know what the cost will be,” Kriz said. “I’m hoping it will be less than ($1 million). We’re still in the planning stages. All I can say is they will be nice apartments.”

Judy Roy, vice president of finance and administration for Indiana Tech, said she was aware of Kriz’s plans, but officials at the school haven’t changed their position. They say Kriz’s land is worth $300 and that $25,000 is a more than generous offer.

“Basically, we’ve moved on and have no need for the property now,” Roy said, adding that construction on the Warrior Row dormitory will wrap up later this month. “We feel we made him a fair offer.”

Indiana Tech’s housing will include beds for 96 students. The existing Warrior Row dorms are townhouse-style units designed for juniors and seniors. The new hall would house mostly freshmen.

As for Kriz, he said while his first choice would be to service college students, “we could rent to other people.” Amenities and rental prices are still being determined, said Kriz, who owned a three-apartment complex on his site for seven years or so before razing it in the late 1970s.

The new Warrior Row is a three-story dormitory that spans 30,000-square-foot at East Washington Boulevard between Walter and Schick streets. Some features at the residence hall include rooms for two students, bistro furnishings, flat-screen TVs and a fireplace.

If Kriz receives a rezoning approval from the plan commission and City Council, his student residence will be sandwiched by Indiana Tech property.

“I hope it blends in and looks nice with the surrounding property,” Roy said. “We’ll have students moving in August.”

Kriz said building a student housing facility, “is the only thing that made sense.”

-Journal Gazette

Original article can be found HERE


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