A New Spot For Tea & Antiques Downtown

Sweet Violets Tea House

New Tea House In Familiar Spot Downtown

Debbie Woodroof used to enjoy going to the Peony Tea House and other tea houses so much so that she thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun to open one, too?

Back in February, a colleague phoned her to say that Peony, the downtown Fort Wayne tea house, would be closing.

“I took a couple minutes to catch my breath, and I picked up the phone,” she says.

Today, Woodroof opens Sweet Violets Tea & Antiques in the former Peony Tea House (503 W. Wayne St.). In lieu of the local art that had been sold at Peony, Sweet Violets will be selling antiques – both Woodroof’s own and on consignment. The two just seem to go well together, she says, and it makes sense – you can’t go to an antique store without seeing some vintage china or tea cups ready for a new home.

Much of the décor hasn’t changed, Woodroof says, but she has expanded the lunch menu to include more items, such as a quiche and soup of the week.

And, of course, there are the tea options, served in the same tea pots and cups as they were with the previous owner – the pieces were part of the deal when Woodroof bought the teahouse, much to her happiness; scouting for new glassware can be fun, but finding enough to serve the 36 to 40 Sweet Violets can accommodate would be exhausting.

-Journal Gazette

Original article can be found HERE


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