The Harrison: 8 Leases Signed & 8 More In Process With Almost A Year Until Completion

Signs Of Progress Translate Into Apartment Sales For “The Harrison”

The commercial real estate firm leasing units in “The Harrison” claims the apartments outside Parkview Field are turning out to be as popular as hot dogs at a ballgame.

Even though construction is still in the “first inning”, security deposits have been put down on 8 of the 43 available units, and one is the highest priced model up for rent.

BND Commercial says it’s preparing lease agreements for those 8 tenants to sign on the dotted line.

One of those units goes for $2,150 a month, a two-bedroom with 1,500 square feet.

The lowest priced one-bedroom rents for just over $900 a month.

Those costs hit the wallet hard, but BND says interest has not been a problem.

Breck Geeting/BND Sales: ” We have over 100 people inquiring about it, and that list grows every day, which is encouraging for us. You can see the dirt is moving, so we encourage people to drive past it, and really see that the construction is happening.”

It was originally to be a condominium and retail project.

That didn’t work out, so the focus was changed to upscale apartments.

The units feature hardwood flooring, granite countertops in the kitchen, stainless steel appliances, lots of windows, and balconies for higher-priced units on the baseball field side.

The developers hope the amenities will convince prospective tenants to shell out the extra cash.

Major cities like Boston and Chicago are well known for offering attractive downtown residential options.

The concept is still a work in progress in Fort Wayne.

The time between now and February 1st, when “The Harrison” is supposed to be finished, could reveal a lot about whether the experiment of downtown living takes hold here.

-Indiana’s NewsCenter


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