New Police Department HQ Opens Downtown Today

Neighbors Worried About FWPD Moving Out

As the Fort Wayne Police Department’s move to its new downtown location wraps up, concerns from residents in the neighborhoods surrounding the southeast location are expressing concerns about its departure.

Hannah Priest has lived down the street from the department for three years.   She has witnessed frequent crime scenes develop at the nearby Eden Green Apartments.  Priest has concerns about what future crime might take place once the FWPD moves out of the neighborhood.

“I’m afraid that [other residents] will be like ‘oh, police aren’t going to be there, so now we have more free roam of what we can do around here,’” Priest said.

According to FWPD spokesperson, Raquel Foster, police presence will not be changed due to the relocation.  Foster assured citizens that patrols will continue through all neighborhoods as normal.

“There’s no reason to be sad because we really are in your neighborhoods.  We patrol the areas frequently, we always maintain a presence and we really are just a phone call away,” Foster said.

FWPD has spent the past 18 years headquartered on Creighton Avenue.  It will be officially moved to the former City-County Building, now called the Rousseau Building, by Friday, March 23.


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