Spin Spin Spin To Raise Money For Central YMCA

A year ago, YMCA board member Patt Kite was looking for new ways to raise money for the Healthy Kids Program.

She came up with a unique fund raising idea: a cycle-a-thon. March 4 will be the second year of the event at the downtown Central YMCA Branch.

“I love to spin, so it seemed like a pretty good way to get in six hours in a row,” Kite said.

For those not versed in the art of spinning, it is the indoor version of riding a bicycle. The Greater YMCA of Fort Wayne offers spinning classes at each of its six branches. The event will be held at the downtown branch, 1020 Barr St., and gives spinners a chance to ride for up to six hours while raising money for the Healthy Kids Campaign.

The campaign uses the money to provide scholarships for programs and memberships for kids and families in need. The YMCA has a policy that no one should be turned away due to lack of funding. According to the YMCA’s website, the campaign goal for this year is $301,000. So far $92,000 has been raised. All the money raised at the event will stay at the Central YMCA.

Last year’s event raised $500 and 15 people participated. Sarah Crouch, Health & Wellness Director, said they are hoping for a bigger turnout this year.

Six instructors will be teaching back-to-back sessions starting at 9 a.m. Participants will be treated to a large screen set up in the gym that shows videos of the open road from a cyclist’s perspective. There will be a 15-minute break between each 45-minute session. Participants are encouraged to sign up for as many sessions as they would like – it costs the same flat fee of $20. Registration for the event closes Monday.

There are 23 bikes available for each session. As of Thursday about seven riders had signed up for each of the sessions. Kite said the sooner a person signs up, the better, a free T-shirt will be provided while quantities last.

-News Sentinel


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