More Housing Planned For Harrison Square?

When the Harrison Square project was first announced, the initial building “The Harrison”, was intended to be phase I of III.  The following phases, Phase II and Phase III, were mentioned in the agreements to be built upon completion, and sales, of each prior phase.  It was brilliant as it guaranteed more development based on market demand.  Now the entire project has completely changed since then.  The once condos are now apartments, but what does that mean in regards to phase II?  To my knowledge there was nothing in the agreement with “New Harrison” stating a completion, or even referencing phase II of the project, but it may be on the cities radar.

I think a lot of decisions which will be made on adding additional housing and/or retail near the stadium will depend on the intrest generated by the new units, as well as the new AWB condos a few blocks away.  I will remind you though, the city is clearly taking steps to plan for the future, as they purchased 4 homes on Ewing St a few months back.  These homes are adjacent to the main entrance of the stadium.  Either way I’m sure the current momentum won’t stop after “The Harrison” is completed.  I’ll keep you posted when the time comes!


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