Downtown Roundabout: NEW Rendering First Look!

In his fifth State of the City address, Mayor Tom Henry spent time highlighting some improvements and things that are going well in Fort Wayne.  But he also announced three road changes that could not only affect drivers downtown, but impact the appeal of downtown redevelopment.

The first idea is to narrow Washington and Jefferson Boulevards.  The city wants to make more room for pedestrians.  There would be three lanes, which would allow more walking room and drop-off lanes.

“Our traffic studies show that it’ll only add about 60 seconds to your travel time,” Henry said.  “In fact right now it’s down to two lanes in front of Harrison Square and we haven’t received any complaints at all.  Going back to three lanes would be ok with our citizens.”

Leaders at Parkview Field are excited about the idea.

“I think anytime you can make access to a facility easier, it certainly benefits that facility whether it be the Embassy, Grand Wayne Center, Botanical Gardens, the library or Parkview Field,” said Michael LImmer with the TinCaps.

Nearby, Henry hopes to make Fairfield and Ewing two way streets between Baker and Superior.

And finally the city is planning for a roundabout where Superior, Wells, Ewing and Fairfield come together.

“When you have a five-legged intersection, it’s kind of difficult to control it with the traffic signal that we have out there,” said Shan Gunawardena, city traffic engineer.  “So we felt that we needed to at least look at a roundabout.

Fort Wayne City Council will have to appropriate funding for the three traffic projects.


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