Indiana Tech Law School Update? Not Yet

The following editorial was run in July 2011.  It was stated at the time that the school hoped to determine a location by December.  With this date now behind us, could we be in for an announcement sooner than later?

If the steady transformation of Indiana Tech’s main campus into an attractive east side gateway is any indication, downtown Fort Wayne is in for a boost with the university’s new law school.

President Arthur Snyder imagines the new program in the heart of the city, adding 400 law students to the current mix of business, health and government workers.

He sees them living in the historic West Central neighborhood, walking to class, frequenting downtown amenities and taking advantage of the Courthouse for real-life lessons in law.

“I think Art is exactly right,” said Richard Davis, president of the Downtown Improvement District. “We have always tried to think of ways that we could attract students downtown, but, my gosh, to actually have their institution downtown is a real exciting prospect.

“Their track record of working with the neighborhood is good,” Davis said of Indiana Tech’s east side campus, and the vision the university has realized in establishing a corridor and creatively filling in spaces with new development is one that would benefit downtown.

Snyder said the location is still undetermined, but prospective sites are being considered, and he hopes to select one by December.

Indiana Tech’s immediate efforts are to establish the academic program. The university already has 35 applicants for the dean’s position and inquiries from about 150 prospective students.

The law school announcement has prompted some complaints, almost all from lawyers and law students.

“The world is not crying to mint more lawyers,” attorney and City Councilman Mitch Harper posted on his Fort Wayne Observed blog.

But Indiana Tech’s feasibility study for the program, posted on its website, shows a thoughtful and thorough examination of the proposal.

“It wouldn’t be in our best interest to just start it,” Snyder said, noting the costly salaries associated with its administration and faculty, law library resources and a building.

What Indiana Tech intends is to fill a void for a law school in this region, to allow greater opportunity for Indiana students to remain in the state for law school and to offer a curriculum with a unique emphasis, possibly a combined law degree and master’s in organizational leadership.

If successful, the Indiana Tech law school should contribute to the development and success of downtown as well.

-Journal Gazette


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One Comment on “Indiana Tech Law School Update? Not Yet”

  1. Mark
    January 18, 2012 at 8:45 PM #

    I am really looking forward to this program. I want to go through it mostly for my own knowledge more than going to be a lawyer. While I think it would be great to do so physically I am not sure I’m able to work at this time. But by the time I finish I could be ready to go back to work full time that would be awesome…

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