Co-Location Agreement Reached at CCB: Renovations Continue

“Allen County and Fort Wayne City Governments have struck a chord of harmony in the latest co-location dispute.

The city is writing another sizable check to county government, but the city will get something in exchange as well.

Last month, the county threatened to shut down renovations for a public safety headquarters in the City-County Building, claiming it couldn’t afford to pay contractors because the city refused to hand over $1-million in pledged funding for the job.

The city said the county owed it money for renovations in the Citizens Square building that cost more than first expected.

December 1st, the city presented the county with $500,000 for the CCB work, then after several weeks of negotiations, it was announced Thursday that the city will fork over the other $500,000.

In return, the county will not charge the city rent in the City-County Building for the first four months of 2011.

Beth Malloy/Ft. Wayne Deputy Mayor: ” We are getting along and actually for the last few weeks, we knew we were heading in this direction, really all the activities in the last few days has been thinking about how we were going to actually talk about it. No, I think we’re both pleased.”

Nelson Peters/(R) Allen County Commissioner: ” We’re still shooting for the beginning of February, every reason to believe that the building is going to be done, and we can begin to move people in at that time, so, a year-long project will culminate.”

Getting the money situation straightened out may not be the most important solution in the deal.

Showing the two sides can work out their differences, and co-exist on good terms, that’s what both parties want the message to be.”

-Indiana’s NewsCenter


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