Will A Larger Indiana Tech Student Population = More Opportunity for Downtown Fort Wayne?

Just one year after the first structure of Warrior Row, an Indiana Tech student housing project located on Downtown’s eastern edge was finished, the third is set to begin.  This project, along with the other completed structures and existing student dormitories, will bring the on site student population to 610.  Although students are typically looked at as having minimal expendable income, this should prove to have a positive effect on the downtown area.  There is still somewhat of a gaping hole between the central downtown core and Indiana Tech campus, but this area may soon become ripe for opportunity.

Indiana Tech also stated that they will be making several more announcements in the next few months that are “even bigger and better,” but did not provide details.

“Improvements to Indiana Tech’s degree offerings and a successful branding campaign are said to be catalysts in the continued growth of the Fort Wayne-area college.

Indiana Tech President Arthur Snyder announced Dec. 6 that the school would expand for the fifth consecutive year with a new $4.3-million student housing project.

“This is the next step,” Snyder said at a press conference, referring to the plan to grow Indiana Tech’s campus culture by increasing its traditional day-student numbers to 1,500 by the year 2015, with 45 percent living in on-campus housing.

Presently, Indiana Tech has 1,150 day students and slightly more than 500 on-campus beds to house them.

“This really is on the brink of reaching the goal that we’d like to for enrollment here at this particular campus,” Snyder said.

The new dorm will bring the campus’ total housing capacity to 610, with 95 additional beds for students and resident assistants.”

“The school also announced in May it would enroll 100 students for Indiana Tech’s first law school classes in fall 2013.

While the just-announced housing project will help accommodate some of the college’s growing student housing needs, it will not be the last, Snyder said.

“Our past performance shows that we build on every year, at least for the past five years. What’s to stop us from doing more in the future? It does take us to that percentage that we want to be as we approach that 1,500 number. So who knows, the next housing we build could be for other purposes, we’ll just have to see how that turns out.”

Snyder said he expects to make several more announcements in the next few months that are “even bigger and better,” but did not hint at further details.

The 30,000-square-foot dormitory will be located adjacent to Warrior Row on East Washington Boulevard between Walter and Schick streets.

“The aesthetic appeal from outside will once again be a hallmark for those that enter the city from the New Haven side. It will add to this wonderful ambiance that we’re building for the city of Fort Wayne,” Snyder said.

The design is that of a traditional college dormitory, with rooms for two students, each with a closet and bathroom. A lofted game room on the second floor will overlook a common area on the first floor where students can study, gather around a fireplace or big-screen TV or access vending machines. Early project renderings include a green space where students can barbecue or participate in recreational activities outside. A parking lot will be built on the back side of the building for student and visitor parking.

The existing buildings on the housing site are university-owned and will be demolished. Demolition will begin just after the first of the year, with construction on the building’s exterior planned for spring. Incoming freshman students will move into the new facility on Aug. 19, 2012, so project officials have set a completion deadline of late July to early August.

Design Collaborative, which also designed the Warrior Row student apartments, will serve as architect; Michael Kinder and Sons, which has worked on several Indiana Tech projects, was named as builder.”

Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly


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