New Commercial & Residential Units Slated For Broadway Corridor

Just a few days ago, ARCH (Architecture & Community Heritage), the Fort Wayne based historic preservation group has two new saved properties to add to their list.  The buildings located at 1014 and 1016 Broadway, just south of St.Joseph Hospital, have recently been purchased by the organisation.

Although it hasn’t been announced when the renovations will be completed, or if funds currently exist, the group stated their plans are for long term rehabilitation.  Their recent announcements indicate the buildings are intended to be mixed use, with street level commercial space, and upper levels containing residential units.  It was not specified if the residential units are planned to be rental or condos.  This will most likely depend on market demand.

Two ‘endangered’ buildings bought by ARCH

Historic-preservation group to stabilize Broadway storefronts

Two historic Fort Wayne storefronts aren’t quite as endangered now that a local preservation group has bought them and plans to bring them back into commercial and residential use.

ARCH Inc. announced Thursday that it acquired buildings at 1014 and 1016 Broadway that have been on the group’s “endangered” list for about eight years and will begin stabilizing the properties. The buildings, along a once-humming block of retail shops, formerly housed Canton Laundry and the old A&P Tea Co. grocery, among other businesses.

The buildings “are rare examples of 19th-century Italianate style architecture in Fort Wayne. The buildings serve as a vital bridge between the West Central neighborhood and downtown Fort Wayne,” according to a news release.

The ARCH board put five Broadway storefronts on its watch list in 2003 after St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church expressed interest in buying and demolishing the buildings to possibly expand its school or ministries.

Through a partnership with the church, ARCH obtained the properties and will begin repairing parts of the rear brick walls and roofs, according to a news release from the group. The work will be funded partially by a grant from the National Park Service’s historic preservation fund, the release said.

Mike Galbraith, executive director of ARCH, could not be reached for more details Friday morning.

-News Sentinel

ARCH rescues 2 eyesores

$29,000 grant helps group buy long-vacant laundry from church

FORT WAYNE – Fort Wayne’s preservation group has decided to show it is serious about preserving historical buildings.

ARCH Inc. announced Thursday it bought the buildings at 1014 and 1016 Broadway in an effort to rehabilitate them and sell them for future use.

Michael Galbraith, ARCH executive director, said the buildings were acquired Monday from St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church. The preservation organization received a $29,000 grant to help restore the buildings, likely best known for housing Canton Laundry.

Galbraith said the purchase was a change in strategy for its organization, which has focused on advocacy recently, and it was important to show how serious ARCH is about preserving the community’s history.

The two 19th-century buildings were important to save because of their Italianate style and location in the central city.

“This is a really important connection between West Central and the downtown area,” he said.

The buildings are in “scary shape” and have been vacant for years, he said. The buildings have been featured on the preservation group’s “endangered list” since 1999.

The church had previously discussed razing the buildings to allow its school to be expanded. In June 2007, the City Council rejected making the area a local historic district because the church opposed it, but the council reversed its decision and created the district in August 2007.

The long-term goal is to make repairs to the buildings so both structures are suitable for mixed commercial and residential use, Galbraith said.

-Journal Gazette



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